Adams, N. 2003. Anti-Trafficking Legislation: Protection or Deportation?. Feminist Review, No. 73, Exile and Asylum: Women Seeking Refuge in ‘fortress Europe’, pp.135-139.

Adams, N. 2003. Anti-Trafficking Legislation: Protection or Deportation?. Feminist Review, No. 73, Exile and Asylum: Women Seeking Refuge in ‘fortress Europe’, pp.135-139.
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O’Connell Davidson, J., 2002. The Rights and Wrongs of Prostitution. Hepatia: Feminist Philosophies of Love and Work, Vol. 17, pp. 84-98.
Sullivan, M., 2005. What Happens When Prostitution Becomes Work? An Update on Legalisation of Prostitution in Australia. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Australia, [Accessed on: 9/12/13]
Weitzer, R., 2009. Sociology of Sex Work. Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 35, pp. 213-234.
14 brutally honest answers from male prostitute’s Reddit AMA.
“I don’t get very many attractive clients and really only one that I would consider hot.”
The ‘AMA’ (Ask Me Anything) board of Reddit is where celebrities and interesting muggles alike volunteer themselves to answer any question posed by the site’s users. And it’s a nosy person’s paradise.
Twenty one-year-old Reddit user BlackLabelBaloo, who is “a straight male prostitute that caters to both women and men” invited the internet to Ask Him Anything.
Here’s what went down.
1. “So. How did you get into the business?”
“It all started when I was visiting my current town from Hawaii. I had a bunch of money, wanted to go out drinking and none of my friends were down. So I posted an ad on Craigslist asking if any girl/s would like to go out for a night on the town with me. I did get the responses I wanted but also received an email from a guy offering to pay me 60 bucks if I slept next to him in bed and cuddled. No sex. I declined but I never forgot that.
“Years later I had moved from Hawaii to my current city, lost my job and needed a way to pay the bills. So I posted an ad asking if any gay men wanted to cuddle with a cute straight boy for money. It worked but was very inconsistent. So I decided to offer more. First just massages and so on. Started offering the whole enchilada for women and some service for men. I knew there was money to be made and I found out on my own the best way to go about it.”
2. “How much do you make? And is this you only source of income?”
“I usually shoot for a thousand [dollars] a week. Once I hit that I’ll stop looking for work for the remainder of the week. I’m looking for a waiting job right now and going to try to set it up so I can just work with my regular clients and not have to look for new ones.”
3. “Could you describe a typical woman client? Are they hot?”
“My women clients are all very similar. Not what most would call attractive. Usually ages from 30 to 45 with very few outside that age range. They are usually larger women and some of them have definitely been a bit slow [. ] just a little dimmer than the average person.
“Nearly all are inexperienced. There have been a few that fall outside all those traits but it really is a rare occurrence. I’ve only have one client that I consider hot.”
4. “I have to ask: How do you get hard if your client is unattractive? And how do you keep going if your client is very attractive?”
“It’s not as hard. uhm. difficult as you’d think. Sure if you look at pictures of unattractive naked people it won’t turn you on and even if you try to imagine those people in the picture as being hot it still wouldn’t turn any one on. But in the moment I find it pretty easy to fantasise about other women or experiences. Either by closing my eyes or just letting my eyes slide out of focus and start picturing a more attractive woman.
What works really well for me is thinking really hard about some of my favourite sexual encounters and my best orgasms. I don’t get very many attractive clients and really only one that I would consider hot. Really isn’t a problem. Any condom should keep you in the game long enough.”
5. “Have you ever worked for couples?”
“Yup. Both M/M and M/F couples. Not yet a F/F though my fingers are crossed. It’s actually more common than I would have thought prior to my experience in this. There are quite a lot of couples out there who are looking for something new to spice up their bedroom life. I honestly love when couples contact me.

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He goes on to ask the Shaikh if it is OK to marry one of those women in a ‘Misfar’ marriage, which means marriage based on travel, because he claims that he can’t fight temptations and also accuses his wife of being frigid.
The old Shaikh Kalbani posted on his own website his fatwa that permits Saudis marrying Western women with the intention of divorcing them when they are finished with them  without the pre-knowledge of the women of their deceitful plan.  
Meaning, the Imam has given green light to Saudi overseas students and traveling businessmen to use women as disposable containers to relieve themselves sexually.   Watch the following video clip.
One of the prominent Salafi scholars of recent times, Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baaz  (1910-1999) who was Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, also gave a similar Fatwa (available in Majmua Fatawa wa Maqalat Mutanawwi’ah – 16  Volumes).
Ibn Baaz used to sell cloths with his brother in his childhood and early teens.  By the time he was 16, (1927) he lost his eyesight and became completely blind within 2-3 years. He remained blind till his death in 1999 . 
Ibn Baaz is one of the three  worst innovators of recent times ( the other two being Naseeruddin Al-Bani  (1914-1999) and Ibn Uthaymeen an-Najdi (1925-2001 ) whose leadership,  policies and influence had crippling effect on Islamic Sharia and Muslims Society in the whole world.   
It is reported that in 1990 someone asked Shaikh Ibn Baaz the following question.
Question: I heard one of your fatawa on audio-cassette in which you permitted marriages in foreign countries where the man marries with the intent of divorcing his wife after the termination of his employment or student visa. What, then, is the difference between this type of marriage and an invalid temporary marriage? What should he do if his wife bears him a daughter? Should he abandon her in a foreign country with her divorced mother? I am in need of clarification.
Salafism is not Islam.  Salafis openly allow indiscriminate physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial rape of women by so many deceptive ways devised by them to exploit poor hapless women all over the world.   
Arab News reported on March 8, 2015 that single women, after their divorce, are throwing lavish parties to celebrate end of their marriages. Just like weddings or graduation parties, these events are being held at the fanciest halls, with large amounts of money spent on hosting friends and family.
The guests of Divorce parties are obliged to turn up with expensive gifts for the happy divorced woman. This is a new phenomenon in Saudi society, says Tariq Habib, a professor and psychiatrist, and assistant secretary general of the Union of Arab Psychiatrists. Read more.
Saudi Gazette, newspaper also reported about the  increasing trend of Divorce parties in Saudi Arabia.  Fatimah Mohammad said celebrating divorce carries a dual message: a celebration of ridding oneself of a husband’s oppressive and abusive behavior and expressing joy at the end of a failed marriage.  Read more.
Dail y Mail, UK, reported on February 3, 2013, that f amous Saudi Salafi schol ar Fayhan al-Ghamdi , a celebrity scholar and preache r of Salafism on S alafi TV channels,  raped and tortured his five year old daughter to death.
Ari fi called it Intercourse Marriage (Astaghfirullah). He said he wanted to give freedom to Salafi mercenaries and hired snipers in Syria to have sex with e ach S yrian women, one by o ne, to satisfy their sexual pleasure (lust) and boost their determination.  He said, by doing so, they will enter Paradise.  Read more .
Also watch the following video clip. 
Shaikh Arifi, lat er denied that he has issued such a Fatwa on his FB page and on twitter.  Read more.  
Washington Times reported on April 3, 2013 t hat a nother Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who hails from Jordan, has also issue d a Fatwa to clear the path for Salafi Terrorists fighting against the Government of Syrai to "rape Syrian Women so long as they are non-Salafis".  Read full report .
Al-Ajlawni claimed that Salafi Terrorists in Syria can rape all captive Syrian women.  They can have sex with more than 50 women.  Watch the following video clips. 
Watch the following video clips which shows how Saudi and Qatari  rich and royals   are preying on hapless Syrian refugee women and small girls.  
Watch the following video clip of BBC, which shows how Saudi rich and royals and Qatari rich and royals are preying on hapless Syrian refugee women and small girls in Jordanian Refugee camps made for Syrian refugees who have fled their country in view of Saudi Zionists sponsored war in Syria. 
T he statistics at Saudi Aabia, UAE and other Salafi dominated societies show that women are openly hooked dozens of times for short periods, sometimes even for an hour. 
In Yemen, Far East, Europe and other sex tourism countries, these deceptive marriages  is a flourishing business through middlemen where Salafis from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries visit during summer months and spend their time with plenty of women.  Watch the following video clip.

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So why not just set up shop at the Del Rey for your entire stay, and ravage all the Costa Rica ticas you can? Well, let me dispel some rumors and set the record straight on the ole Del Rey.
The biggest rookie mistake for punters is to bite on the first bait. When you first enter off of 9th street, the bar and sitting area is not to be even considered. Simply walk on through, don’t make eye contact, and whatever you do. . .don’t stop. This area is rife with scoundrels, who are either working without a license or enjoying the good “first shot at tourists” position, complete with a nearby exit to escape. Do yourself a favor and keep walking through.
Straight ahead and above is the epicenter of flesh traded, the “Blue Marlin” bar. If you’re looking for quick action, this should be your only stop. The girls in the side areas will sing to you like sirens, don’t be tempted unless you feel like wasting time & buying drinks. Best bet is to avoid the other flash in the pan distractions – Little Marlin, Monkey Bar, Key Largo, it’s all just one cheap carnival ride. Anyway, once you make it into the Blue Marlin, you’ll find the girls there don’t waste any time. Open 24 hours (but the top girls work evenings), the BM bar won’t disappoint if you’re not picky. The girls often approach you, are open to touching (in fact I swear some of them have 4 hands!), and will often begin whispering propositions into your ear. If you want quick action, for $100-$200 depending on class of girl, this is probably the easiest place to recommend. I personally have moved past the Del Rey Hotel , and if you’ve read my Costa Rica Prostitution Guide you understand why!
Enjoy your time in Costa Rica Hotel Del Rey, if that’s your destination. And I hope the insider information I’ve shared helps to make the most of it!
Costa Rica Travel Guide.
Prostitutes in Costa Rica.
Lets start this prostitution in Costa Rica post with something a bit light hearted. Did you know the prostitution in Costa Rica is legal, but the pimping of prostitutes is not? Seems ironic doesn’t it? Even more ironic is that escort services are also legal. I guess escort services in Costa Rica really do translate into legal pimping services.
Where to Find Prostitutes.
As with any country, there are a number of popular destinations if you feel like indulging in some sexual recreation. Your best bets for finding “quality” prostitutes are to visit the major tourist destinations. If you are too uncomfortable to ask where the prostitutes hang out, just visit a few bars or clubs and look for the one that has the hottest girls. The place with all the hot girls is usually the prostitute hot spot of that city.
If our search still proves to be a challenge, there are a few types of businesses that are know places of prostitution. These business types include: Escort Services Adult Night Clubs Bars Massage Parlors Strip Clubs.
One of the most popular hotels for prostitutes is in San Jose. The hotel goes by the name of, The Del Ray Hotel and Casino. This is the most famous brothel in all of Costa Rica and has been around for quite some time. One reason this particular hotel is so popular is that many of the hottest prostitutes in San Jose call this their office. So, if you are in San Jose and looking for some action, check it out. If you want to know a little more about it before you walk in, check out this first hand experience with a prostitute from the Hotel Del Ray.
These ladies have said “damn the man” in the literal sense of the word. Prostitutes, or “sex workers” as they are sometimes called, work for themselves. Many women work as prostitutes to earn a better income than they would working a 9-5 job. Most women only work a few nights out of the month, and this usually earns them enough to support themselves or family for that entire month.
Women come to Costa Rica from nearby countries such as Columbia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. There are of course an abundance of local Costa Rican Women as well.
No matter what your taste in women is, you can probably find one to suit your fancy. Many women from the South American countries are known throughout the world as being the picture perfect Latin American stereotype. From busty blond’s to petite brunettes, there is a little bit of everything here.
Many of the prostitutes in Costa Rica don’t speak much English, if any. The ones that do will charge top dollar because they can. So, if you want the most for your money, brush up on your Spanish. Even if it’s just a little, it will go a long way when trying to close a deal.
As mentioned before, prostitution is perfectly legal in Costa Rica. It is the act of pimping that is illegal. Aside from the pimp factor, the only major law enforced when it comes to prostitution is sex with minors. Costa Rica has recently created many new laws to eliminate sex with minors and punish those who break this law. The age of consent in the country is 18, and claiming ignorance of the law or the girl’s age won’t help you at all.

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